Monthly Tuition:  (4 or 5 weekly lessons)

30 min. lesson:  $35 per lesson;  $140 (4 wks) or $175 (5 wks) per month
45 min. lesson:  $45 per lesson;  $180 (4 wks) or $225 (5 wks) per month

*Sibling discount or additional classes: 10%     

Advanced:  $80/hr  

Weekly group classes:

  • MC Fiddlers Group Violin/Viola/Cello Class:  $85/month;  adult group class:  $95/month
  • MC Chamber Music Seminar:  $55month
  • MC String Orchestra:  $55/month
  • MC Music theory/history/appreciation classes:  $55/month
  • MC Boys Choir:  $85/month 

*Materials (music books, sheet music, accessories, etc.) are not included in the tuition. *In order to reserve a time slot, you must sign up for weekly lessons. A trial or an initial assessment lesson is $25. 

Recital Fee: $25 per student 

(*tuition and fee rates are subject to change)

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